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in bratu dīanmani̯e etic ceisiwre for bringing this topic and resources to my attention.

While most scholarship of the God Cernunnos revolves around His attestation from the pilier des nautes, and His distinctive iconography, there are some lesser-known leads that are typically left out of discu...

It’s hard to believe this website has been up for nearly four years now, but here we are in 2023 already.

I am calling this a “Grand Reopening,” because, while you should find basically all the same content as before, I have actually migrated to a whole new site with a completely different backend...


  • Belatucadrus’ name has long been interpreted as dubious variations of “Shining,” and “Handsome,” or “Strong.”
  • More recent attempts by linguists to revisit this name have been fruitless.
  • A strong argument can be made to link the 1st component to “fragrant,...

Full PDF thesis can be found here (approx. 28-minute read-time).


In spite of some strides that have been made, Old Celtic plant names are an area of study that has not been developed to its potential. The case of acerabulus (etymon of French érable) is a good example of this, wher...